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Selling your property

The first important stage on your home sale journey is your property valuation. We treat this step incredibly seriously and with good reason. An overvaluation means your home could fail to sell at all. An undervaluation might mean you could lose out on thousands of pounds.

We use a mixture of technology, local knowledge, past property sales data, current market condition reports in addition to a detailed personal assessment of your home's unique charm to deliver an accurate an realistic valuation of your property's worth.

Call our office now on 0141 295 0900 and one of our experienced local professionals will arrange your expert valuation at a time the suits you.

Investing in property

Looking for an investment property? As landlords and investors ourselves we know how important it is to find the right investment opportunity.

Property is a great investment. Buy-to-let has increased in popularity in recent years as the lettings market grows. Did you know that the 2011 Scottish census found a massive growth of 6 percentage points in the private rental sector, whilst council and housing association tenancies fell by almost the same amount? More and more people are turning towards property portfolio growth to provide security in later years over the uncertainty of pension schemes.

Here at 1 Property Services, we often have sellers who find themselves in the unfortunate position of needing an immediate sale and willing to accept below market value in return for a quick sale. We maintain an up-to-date database of investors who can facilitate these sellers to make the process as quick as possible.

Unlike other agents, we offer a full service to investors and can advise on realistic rental yields. Our operation runs in tandem with a successful letting agency and we can assist with finding suitable tenants and even managing properties on your behalf.

If you are new to buy to let you will want to know about the risks as well as the benefits. At 1 Property we will talk you through all aspects of your property purchase:

  • Choose a promising area
  • Where is a good place to buy a property?
  • Is there a need/demand for rental property in this area?
  • Does the property have access to good transport/retail/ leisure amenities?
  • What can you afford? You want to do your sums see what you can afford and get the best return possible.
  • Get the help you to need to renovate and get your property ready for rental.
  • Getting your property to rental standard.
  • What are the legal and industry standards I must comply with?
  • Advertising.
  • How to find the best tenants and keep them in your property.
  • Preparing lease documents and getting safety certificates.


Finding you next investment and turning it into rental income may seem a huge task but with the help of 1 Property Services its an easy as 1-2-3.





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